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Buy any home through one of my Meticulously Trained Home Buyer Specialists and if DURING THE FIRST 18 MONTHS OF OWNERSHIP THE HOME YOU BUY TURNS OUT TO BE LESS THAN PERFECT,


Buying a home is a huge decision, one you literally have to live with! When you buy a home through Dione Irwin Team, we’ll do whatever it takes to help you find the perfect home, one you'll be happy with for years to come.

Our experience and our consumer oriented programs provide you with numerous unique systems especially for our buyers which allow us to quickly zero in on exactly what you're looking for and help you beat out other buyers to the best new listings.

We’ll go the extra mile for you, even AFTER you've purchased your home and moved in…

But know this; if you find that you’re LESS than happy after moving in, WE’RE NOT leaving you alone. We’ll stand by our representation and your decision to buy your home PLUS we’re willing to set ourselves apart from other agents by offering you our unique and unparalleled Buyer Protection Plan, through our GUARANTEED SALE program.

This means if you become dissatisfied or unhappy with the home you’ve purchased during the first 18 months of ownership, we're prepared to do all we can to make it right for you and actually buy it back from you. Our “BUY BACK” price will reflect the market at the time you decide to invoke this Dione Irwin Team program. It’s NOT based on the price you paid but, rather, the current market evaluation, even if 18 months have passed. We’ll do all we possibly can to protect your original investment.

Here's how it works. When you buy your NEXT home through Dione Irwin Team...

1. If, for whatever reason, you become dissatisfied with your home purchase within the first 18 MONTHS, We guarantee to sell your present home before you take possession of your next one, or we, at Dione Irwin Team will step in and BUY IT OURSELVES for our upfront, guaranteed price which you’ll have in writing. No gimmicks, no false promises, just long term accountability that you should expect from your real estate company.

2. If you receive an offer that is higher than the guaranteed price from an outside buyer, you get the higher offer, not me.

This means that when you buy your next home with our Team of highly trained professionals, you can do so knowing there's a safety net under you completely protecting your investment. If you're not happy with your home purchase within 18 MONTHS, WE'LL BUY IT BACK GUARANTEED!

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