How To Get Your Agent to Work Twice as Hard

Our Team of Professionals

The fact is, there isn't much more to the average agent than the agent themselves. Most agents operate a one-person show - and they're probably breaking their backs trying to do a good job for their clients. Most agents couldn't really work any harder than they're already working.

We know, because we used to do it this way.

But we don't anymore because we found that our client's suffered from our good intentions. The fact is, you may be sympathetic to the fact that your agent is working as hard as humanly possible, but if the quality and profitability of your home sale suffers as a result of them trying to do everything themselves . . . well,

. . .you have a right to feel cheated

The simple explanation is that we built a team of professionals to help us be in 10 places at once, and therefore greatly enhance the quality of service we can deliver to our clients. This is basically how other professionals like your banker or lawyer operate. And on top of this, we've used cutting edge technology to dramatically improve the speed, efficiency and innovative capabilities of every part of the service we deliver.

We don't expect you to care about the fine-details of the inner-workings of our office. What you should care about is simply this. Because of the highly unique way we've structured our real estate office . . .

Our client's homes sell for more money in less time!

And because our Team sells a lot of homes, we have extensive home selling experience that puts more money in our client's pockets.

To find out more about how our team approach can make you more successful in the real estate market, simply fill out the form below.

Dione Irwin

Realtor and Team Leader
I have always had a passion for houses and design and to help people achieve their goals. I was always involved in interior decorating from a young age, and took courses after high school to develop this. My life path led me to a different field - I was a Dental Assistant for 13 years, where I was able to further develop my ability to make people feel at ease and to be able to learn so much about different personalities. I learned that every person likes to be treated their own certain way! In the service industry this is an important skill to hone, as this is a huge part of making people feel at ease so they can focus on the important things at hand - buying and selling real estate! 
in 2010 I finally took the opportunity to become a Realtor. I had just moved to Airdrie and I knew no one! I had no idea how to find clients or how to make deals happen. I found myself an amazing coach and mentor - Craig Proctor - and my life changed forever! I have learned how to have people find me when they are in need of assistance with Real Estate, and how to take excellent care of them throughout the whole process, and beyond! Cutting edge marketing and a team to support me are key! 
Growing a team has been so amazing, and it is so rewarding and fulfilling to be able to mentor and coach my team to success! Seeing others succeed is what I have learned to thrive on - and seeing happy clients is our goal at the Dione Irwin Team.
Giving back through donating to the Alberta Children's Hospital is something we are very proud of on the team. It feels great to be able to help people in need.
I look forward to having my team and I work for you!

Tyler Baptist


Originally from Manitoba, I moved to Calgary 15 years ago and immediately fell in love with Alberta! I moved around the city while completing University and I even lived in Okotoks for a while when I first started my career, until I finally settled in Airdrie in 2010 and put down some roots. My family and I love Airdrie and the people who make this city a great place to live.

Though I started my career in the new home building industry in 2005 where I worked in real estate marketing and sales for one of the city's biggest developers - in 2012 after having my oldest child - I took the leap and decided to get my real estate license. What drew me to working in real estate and what I still love most about being a real estate associate is - helping people. It sounds cliche but - nothing fills my cup quite like working with clients and seeing them get the best price for their home and outstanding service. I like to say that I take the stress out of buying and selling homes. The truth is, I have the best clients in the world, and it is such an honour to be a part of their journey!

Born and raised in Calgary, I moved to Airdrie with my husband and three kids 26 years ago.  I have watched Airdrie grow from a tiny city with one set of lights to the bustling, vibrant city it is today!

I have always had an affinity for home construction and finishing. I worked with my husband in the industry for many years while holding a corporate job.  My biggest passion has always been for helping others and using my skills and knowledge to make the life situations of the people around me just a little bit better!  

This passion has guided me in all of my previous jobs, and I look forward to bringing this passion into every relationship I build through real estate.
“Your passion becomes your legacy when you serve others being who you are and doing what you love!

I was born in Toronto, ON, but primarily raised in Calgary, AB. My husband,
three daughters and I made the move to Airdrie in 2014, where we
immediately fell in love with the small town feel and conveniently located
amenities! ! I have always loved the values of the Dione Irwin Team and am
so thrilled to join this awesome group of Realtors, home stagers,
marketing, and admin team! I can't wait to assist clients in their real
estate ventures.

Esha Malhotra

I'm originally from Ontario, however I moved to Alberta in 2013. With over
14 years of experience in corporate advertising and marketing, My Husband
and I are proud parents of two little girls who keep us busy and our hearts

My passion for helping families drives me to assist them in finding their
dream homes or selling their current ones. I am committed to guiding you
through the process and answer any questions you may have along the way.

I speak English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu fluently, so feel free to
communicate with me in the language you're most comfortable with. Let's
work together to find the home that's right for you and your family or
market your current one for top dollar.

Jen Holmes

Executive Assistant
Originally from the GTA in Ontario, I moved to the Calgary area in 2015 with my two children, and a few years later we purchased our first home in the quaint community of Crossfield. In my spare time I love making memories with my kids, doing things like painting, camping, fishing, gardening, and hiking.

I have over a decade of experience with being an executive assistant, and I love every moment of it. My role with the Dione Irwin Team allows me to support the team with anything they may need to ensure that our clients have easy and seamless transactions. I strive to help others in any way I can, and this role allows me to do just that! I love being a part of the Dione Irwin Team so I can continue to follow my passion of helping others reach their goals.

Jenny McNicol

Staging Pro
My name is Jenny, and I am a mom of two kids. Design and interior
styling/staging has always been a passion of mine. I love to refinish
furniture, recreate pieces and add my own personal touches to decor. My
favourite rooms to stage are kids rooms.

Nico Samson

Inside Sales Agent
"I am here to help schedule one on one buyer and seller meetings between our potential clients and our Realtors. Being the ISA is a vital part of our Team, facilitating these meetings so our realtors have more time with clients to help answer all questions and calm any concern they may have about the selling and buying process. I am also happily married and a new father to a beautiful baby boy!"